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Mr.Vivek ChaturvediOctober, 11 2020

Today, enterprises recognize the significance of mobile apps to provide their service or products to customers. Companies do understand the dominance of mobile apps and they are finding all ways to provide their customers the convenience of using their services/products and approaching them on the go.

The development of mobile apps for multifold business is an integrated part of a competitive market. On the other hand, it also illustrates the problem of selecting a perfect framework to start mobile app development. Generally, the developers used to stuck between the choice of app development through hybrid apps and native apps. Furthermore, the bridging term hybrid apps were usually criticized for immature user interface multiplicative cost and sluggish performance. But the arrival of the IONIC platform solved it by modernizing the multi-platform app’s development.

What is the IONIC framework?

It is a complete open-source SDK and SaaS-based UI framework optimized and designed for mobile user interfaces. Ionic Framework is an open-source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — with integrations for popular frameworks like Angular and React.

It builds visual hybrid apps that rely on one code base and still behave as natural as a native app. It enables web developers to develop the advanced app with more than 155 modules like Contacts, Camera Phone Features, WiFi, PhotosGallery, SMS, and Bluetooth Network features The IONIC provides Angular directives set which makes it simple to use the widget for developers as writing a line of HTML code. It uses HTML sanitation, asynchronous communication, animation logic, and Angular’s touch recognizers. Anionic app developers can start even a large project like an e-commerce android app either by installing their Node.js-based CLI through NPM to resume their seed project or by unpacking or cloning the library zip.

Benefits of IONIC App Development

Today one thing is beyond doubt is the consistent progress in innovation, which has now passed our speculative capacity. Creative business ideas are the foundation on which any modern-day startup or established business rests. Building mobile apps on this foundation is the most prominent thing that a person can do to grow its business even further.

In this series, Ionic App Development positioned itself as a perfect framework for hybrid app development by reducing the conjunctures of limited server-side implications. Besides, there are many more other benefits, let’s discuss:

1: Cross-platform app development: The Iconic app development company’s projects are compatible with different mobile platforms due to the flexibility in building a cross-platform app with no problem. While in the case of native app development it requires more time and effort to build a high-end user interface. But Ionic framework provides added functionalities and reusability of code to build mobile apps for available platforms. There is no need to use separate languages for different platforms like natives. Now the app development becomes economical for mobile app developers in terms of time, money, and effort.

2: Use of AngularJS: Ionic uses Angular JS, a popular framework to build high performing mobile web and mobile apps. It provides various functionalities to assist in the development of hybrid mobile applications for ionic app development company. The use of Angular JS offers a structure that makes coding more manageable for the developers by extending the HTML syntax. It provides two-way data binding which reflects every change to the UI in the underlying data model. In other words, any change in the User interface is immediately reflected in the underlying data model and vice versa.

3: Open source and absolutely free: Usually, Developers find the process of developing an app from research and ending with marketing campaign quite expensive. On the contrary Ionic save your effort, time, and money. Ionic is an open-source available on GiftHub, where a developer can customize various appearances on different mobile operating systems without bearing large costs. It also offers codes of CSS, HTML, and JS which scale back the requirement to rewrite code for developing an app for a replaced mobile operating system. Furthermore, the reusable code structure creation becomes easy and better due to the easy integration of Ionic with Angular JS.

4: User Interface: The Ionic mobile app development offers an interactive user interface with easy customization through CSS and Javascript. It supports the motion, depth, colors, and support for multiple languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, etc. The ionic framework gives ionic app developer the options to customize the mobile app with different color schemes, buttons, menus which are required to attract users. It also includes lists, cards, form inputs, siding boxes, etc which can be customized by adding CSS classes to the element which are pre-defined.

5: Easy Testing: Now it’s easy to test your application with the crosswalk applications on various browsers framework and environments. The test of the size of different browser sizes, mobile devices, etc helps in getting known how can you consolidate the overall advantages of the application’s output. Apart from it, and ionic app development company must pay attention to that the test must ascertain the same user experience of the app on any device to ensure the user’s trust.

6: Ionic uses Cordova Plugins: The plugins are a piece of code attached to your app in JavaScript which enables it to perform multiple things like communication to hardware-level components. Cordova Plugins helps different developers in accessing different features of the operating system which helps you in getting access to different features of the mobile operating system like camera, battery, Geolocation, Access to logs, Camera, Battery, and more. The use of these plugins specifies the overall performance of the app by adding a few easy codes to your code.

7: Big and helpful community: Usually, the execution of the app development process is not so easy with the newly taken framework for even expert developers. But if a new framework is built with popular technologies like Angular and Cordova has an active and a large community. Developers always have framework forums and blogs where members are keen to solve their queries, which helps in a complex app like Amazon.

The ionic framework has been created to bridge the gap between AngularJS web apps and hybrid mobile apps. It takes advantage of the rich AngularJS and Cordova library for developing highly interactive hybrid applications.

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