Why React Native Is the Future of Hybrid Mobile Apps Development?

Mr. Lokesh BansalOctober, 04 2020

Developing dedicated apps for business has transformed from being a necessity to a priority. As the world of mobile apps is expanding beyond comprehension, demand for better and faster apps shoot up.

To build the revolutionary mobile applications in this fast-moving world, mobile app developers have a need for enriched technology. If we decide to go with a hybrid approach then, React Native is the way to go. React Native is the most encouraging and latest approach to shape cross-platform mobile applications. As the technological world expands beyond comprehension, the demand for the change and adaption becomes obligatory. Facebook and Instagram react native apps are great examples that are transforming the world. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, smartphone apps have become our best friends.

Hybrid mobile apps bridge the gap between user experience and ease of development. Additionally, they are built using technology such as JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS, with which most developers are already familiar.

What is React Native?

React Native is an extremely popular and influential framework, it has multiple uses: B2B applications, apps that contain forms and dynamic images, software used internally by companies, education platforms, etc. It is based on JavaScript and used to develop mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. It enables React Native developers to code once and uses it to create apps on both platforms. This is the reason why React Native is one of the best cross-platform development tools.

Some of the benefits of react native apps include:


  • The mobile app development process is made highly efficient



  • Highly portable, live updates



  • Help in developing a great mobile UI



  • Shorter development cycle & Better UI



  • Integrating native code



  • Compatibility with third-party apps


1. Great performance, High Speed

Redefining the concept of cross-platform development and code-reuse, this development speaks for itself. Everyone wants to get the maximum benefit at a reasonable price range and with React Native the similar code is deployed on both iOS and Android by react native developers.

You can save a lot of time as the react native developer doesn’t have to write two different set of code. You get native performance and faster release cycles with React Native.

2. Reusable Components

React Native’s code has reusable components that compile directly to the native platform. All the components have a similar counterpart in react native which allows developers to maintain a consistent look and feel.

3. Easy to learn

React Native relies on language fundamentals which are highly readable. For the react native app developers, this makes it very easy to learn and follow. If you are new to JavaScript, React Native is the best place to start with as it serves as an amazing teaching tool for learning multiple components like maps and filters.

For the ones who are already well-versed in standard language features, React Native saves time and development money as it is easy to understand and apply. Don’t worry as it isn’t an entirely different concept. You will get it simple.

4. Better User Interface

React Native will be shaping the future of mobile app building, with its flexible and diverse capabilities. The fluidity of the JavaScript interactions within the native environment makes the UI more responsive and results in quicker load times.

5. Instant Updates

The Apple app is popular for its review process and approval time. For the app launch, developers should have enough patience to do it all over again every-time they have to update the app.

There is a solution to this as well. As it uses JavaScript, React Native allows you to release updates directly without entering the app store. With React Native, the process is quite simple and streamlined as the app is already built on the same framework.

Future of Hybrid App Development

For businesses that are looking to get a powerful mobile app developed quickly at a low cost, React Native presents the best option. React Native will be shaping the future of mobile app building, with its flexible and diverse capabilities. Hybrid apps combine beneficial attributes of websites and the app.

Some programmers choose hybrid apps to conveniently incorporate device features such as push, camera or GPS notifications. The demand for hybrid apps is definitely increasing when compared to native apps, as companies prefer apps that are simpler and compatible with multiple platforms.

Therefore, if you are looking for custom application development services, then just get in touch with us today.

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