10 Alternative Android App Stores

Mr. Bhuvnesh MathurNovember, 07 2022

Every developer asks one of the most difficult questions after reading an Android app: Which App Store will make the best money? Most will go for the Google Play Store app for $25 as it has one of the most promising audiences. However, there are also other options that may present themselves.

List of Best Android Alternative App Stores

  1. Opera Mobile Store
  2. Mobango
  3. SlideME
  4. GetJar
  5. Takeaway
  6. Amazon Appstore
  7. 1Mobile Market
  8. Samsung Galaxy Apps
  9. Mobile9
  10. F-droid

Best Alternative App Stores For Android 

1. Opera Mobile Store:

With a direct connection to Yandex, the Opera Mobile Store can access almost all Russian app customers, as all their apps are available in the Yandex Store. The store has more than 100 million visits per month and more than 1 million downloads per day. This is one of the best alternative android app stores.

The biggest advantage is that reaching a large audience is free. The Opera Mobile Store takes 30% of all sales, but it is useful for the sales generated by this application store.

Site: https://www.opera.com/

2. Mobango:

With a base of millions of customers and thousands of downloads per day; Mobango is another launcher for Google Play Store apps. It has a small collection of apps in its store, so it is not difficult to become one of the most downloaded apps. It is a great google play store alternative.

Big advantage: Downloading your app is free and no percentage is charged.

Site: http://www.mobango.com/

3. SlideME:

SlideME, is a long-time player in the app store that outpaces the Google Play Store. It is the most common app store on most Android devices after its main competitor. Also, the best option for an alternative play store.

Big advantage: Payments can be made via PayPal, and the App Store only charges 20% for each app purchase.

Site: http://slideme.org/

4. GetJar:

GetJar is a top alternative app store. It is one of the best options for open-source apps. The site and app store are run by volunteers and dependable on donations. It offers only free apps and has a policy of not loading apps that include paid add-ons or ads. 

Big advantage: With a strong customer base and no cost, you have nothing to lose by uploading your app to this store and testing its popularity.

Site: https://www.getjar.com/

5. Takeaway:

Choosing the best Android Market alternative can seem like a difficult task. Every store has its pros and cons. You can find free app stores for Android or paid ones, some of them specific, others popular and competitive. A good option is an alternative android app store.

None of these best apps on the free market can 100% replace Google Play Store, but they can be another channel that brings out more downloads.

Site: https://www.takeaway.com/

6. Amazon Appstore:

Although not as old as Google Play Store or SlideME, Amazon Appstore is one of their strongest competitors. There is a growing market for apps sold through Amazon, with the introduction to the Kindle Fire, Phones, and many Android devices running on Fire OS, it is a great source to expand your business.

There are a few issues with apps running through Fire OS, but most developers need a little time to get their apps ready for Amazon. In fact, most Android apps work flawlessly on Fire OS. It is the best option for alternative play store.

Key advantage: It is possible to publish HTML5 and web applications on the Amazon Appstore. It's a growing market with hundreds of thousands of apps and a huge customer base. Amazon's app store is also easy to navigate for all developers.

Site: https://www.amazon.com/

7. 1Mobile Market:

A different approach to creating a successful app is to focus only on the app's popularity. Mobile Market is a free app, so it's a great place to download apps and try them out in the market.

The market itself doesn't cost anything to download your apps, but that doesn't mean it's full of awesome apps. Each application must go through a scanning process to check for malware and manage 1Mobile's excellent product. It is a top-most google play store alternative.

The biggest advantage: A helpful preference-based recommendation system means apps can be successful faster. With over 100 million installs and hundreds and thousands of Android apps, this is a great place to download your applications.

Site: http://market.1mobile.com/

8. Samsung Galaxy Apps:

Coming from a company that makes a lot of Android phones, it's no surprise that Samsung has developed its own products. Compared to other app stores, Samsung Galaxy Apps has a small number of apps, but that can be good for many apps to appear. It is a top alternative app stores for android.  

Big advantage: Every Samsung Galaxy device has an app store, which helps to get instant access to a large customer base.

Site: https://www.samsung.com/levant/apps/galaxy-store/

9. Mobile9:

This app stores alternative can be compared to a social network rather than a standalone app store. Mobile9 has millions of active users, and everyone has the opportunity to comment and share their installed apps. App publishing is free, and with such a large user base, it can bring great results for a well-designed app.

Big advantage: There is a high downloading speed and one of the fewer storage applications; finding Mobile9 can be easy.

Site: https://www.mobile9.com/

10. F-droid:

For the google play store alternative, one of the best options is F-droid. The F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. It offers free applications.

Advantage: With a good customer base and no cost, there is nothing to lose by uploading your app to this store and testing its popularity.

Site: https://f-droid.org/


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