Hiring vs Outsourcing: Best choice for 2022

Mr.Vivek ChaturvediSeptember, 07 2022

We are aware that with the advancement in technology, businesses are moving forward to create an online presence through various modes. One can hire Java developer or an iOS developer through multiple platforms depending upon the choice of the portal. 

To cope with the challenges in the market, Businesses are no longer operating from just a physical address. Consumers can directly look up any services or products based on their requirements, along with comparing the costs and benefits offered by other sellers. 

If we want to stand away from the crowd and capture a marketplace where we can get a head start in the competition, we need to keep ourselves updated with these new technologies.

The Need for App and Web Development

When we talk about online presence, we know that there are multiple choices available depending upon the requirements of our business. We can go for eCommerce website development services, or it can be a mobile application, or both as well. 

After getting a platform, we need to detect the appropriate marketing channels to launch or introduce our services to a comparatively better network. 

In recent years, IT companies provide clients with the choice of getting their dream portal to operate from, with countless features and extensions depending upon their needs. Before investing in a website or application, business owners need to shortlist the features they want, as add-ons will cost more. 

Identify your Needs:

Before investing your money in hiring an IT firm, you need to look for the requirements and the Return on Investments that you are expecting. 

For a B2B firm, a website is more than enough to operate. Whereas, an application is the best option for a Food Delivery Brand. In the case of an E-commerce company, both an application and a website are necessary. 

Identifying the working and requirements of a project is very crucial, as you may invest in something that will cost you more and will not be required for your business at all. 

The top IT companies hire or appoint Project Managers to take care of the Development, Costing, and Marketing of the portals. These Managers also decide which portal will be appropriate and beneficial for their business. 

Outsourcing vs. Hiring:

To identify which is more suitable, we need to know the difference between Outsourcing and Hiring an agency.


In the past few years, you might have come across the terms Freelancers or Outsource Assets. It means that you are hiring a single individual or a small group of people compared to an entire agency to work on your project. You can appoint them directly through professional business platforms like LinkedIn, or you can go to an agency and tell them about your requirements and the number of dedicated individuals you want to work on your project. 

It is a cost-effective method as compared to giving the project to an agency, as you are only working with the resources you require. Depending upon your project, you can choose the number of people and specializations that will work on the development. 

Outsourcing is preferable for a small project like CMS website development or even the Digital Marketing needs of a particular account. 

But before outsourcing, you need to think of some key points. 

If you get all the resources from an agency, the results will be better as there might be a chance of conflicts if you hire them from different platforms. It is due to the distinguished approach and work culture of the individuals. 

Hiring an Agency:

Hiring an agency is preferable if you are looking for complex projects like Augmentation Reality Implementation or a dynamic website and application with a complex database. 

When you work with an agency, the team leaders or Project managers interact with you regarding the changes and updates you want on your project. Based on the intricacy of the project, these managers themselves appoint the best employee based on skills. 

Hiring an agency is also a better choice when you are looking for more than one or two services. The IT Firms have dedicated teams for various processes involved in a project that work together as the project moves on. 

Let us take an example to understand the cases in which hiring an IT Firm is better. 

We know that NFT is a new concept, and many developers are still trying to learn it. If you are looking for NFT Marketplace Development Services, you cannot trust a group of people to handle a project of this level. 

In this case, hiring an IT firm is the only option, as they have a team of dedicated individuals with separate tasks and skills. They will cover all the points from the development, marketing, and other aspects that are involved in the project. The firm will also take care of the successful launch and smooth flow of the project, along with services like hosting and database management. 


After discussing all the necessary points, you can say that depending on the work, target audience, and purpose of your project, It will not be a hectic decision for you to choose between Outsourcing or Hiring an Agency. You can also decide by identifying the appropriate platform for your project. 

You can hire Flutter developer or an Ionic developer by consulting with the firm, as they will give you the best advice about the suitable platform.

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