Designers and crafters of the world’s exquisite umbrellas.

Lockwood Umbrellas

The Lockwood Umbrellas is an e-commerce business website, that mainly focuses on selling the finest quality umbrellas. Lockwood Umbrellas is from the UK (London). selling premium quality customized and non-customized umbrellas to its customers.

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    8 Members
    Developers | Designers | Project Manager | Quality Analyst
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    E-commerce & Retail
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    30 Days

Who is the Client?

The Lockwood Umbrellas, as the name suggests is a website to purchase umbrellas online. It is an e-commerce website. There are various types of umbrellas available on the website to buy with high durability and quality craftsmanship. The umbrellas are handmade and they believe in crafting an umbrella that lasts forever.

The Lockwood Umbrella builts the umbrella using a Grade A steel frame, lathe-turned brass fittings, hand-sewn reinforcements, and proofed water-resistant cloth.The Lockwood Umbrellas make sure that their umbrellas are made up of excellent quality and last for a lifetime.

Purpose of the Client

The client wanted to revamp the website in WordPress. Initially, the website had a lot of challenges in having its way into the market. The Lockwood Umbrella is a brand selling umbrellas in the UK and wanted to gain a lot of traffic to its website.

The Lockwood Umbrellas can deliver custom-made umbrellas whilst working with a fixed budget quota. They offer their customers the benefit that the customers can give the requirements and designs which they wanted to have under their umbrella.


According to the client’s main concern, their website was not getting the expected result they wanted to have.

The UI/UX design needed to be changed completely and the features to be implemented that could bring the required engagement and traffic to the website. The development of the website requires a lot of implementation and features to be added.


After revamping the website, it has gained many users from around the world and it has been listed among the top websites in the umbrellas niche.

Users started getting comfortable using the Lockwood Umbrellas website. Since the website has been rebuilt according to the client's requirements, our team of adroit developers has delivered the product with high-quality services by implementing all the needed features in the website


The team of Vidhema Technologies came up with brilliant features that could be integrated into the website. Our team of dedicated developers revamped the website and added new features to it, it has to be engaging and attractive.

The Lockwood Umbrellas website has a section for wholesale buyers, where they design umbrellas for hotels, corporations, and fashion brands.

Customers can customize umbrellas for their loved ones if they want to or can easily engrave a name or a phrase if they run a business or a corporation.

  • Custom Design: The customers can easily customize the design of umbrellas as per their choice and liking. This sounded like a beneficial point for the customers where they can have the umbrellas according to their preferences.
  • Engraving: The customers can also ask to engrave a name or a phrase as they wanted. This could be a great service for the customers if they wanted to gift an umbrella with a name or keep it to themselves.
  • Printing: The Lockwood Umbrellas gives its customers the experience to print the umbrella as per the customer's requirements and designs.

Website Features

The payment gateway of Lockwood Umbrellas was Stripe. The Lockwood Umbrellas website features implemented by our team of passionate developers bring a lot of traffic to the website.

  • Product Listing: The feature was added to the website to make it user-centric and users can easily look out for the options that they are willing to purchase.
  • Social Sharing: With the help of this feature, users and consumers can easily share their favorite umbrella on the social media platform to promote an umbrella and the website as well.
  • Bulk Order: Users can easily purchase umbrellas in bulk and at wholesale prices. This feature is beneficial for retail shoppers to sell umbrellas from their shop outlet in the market.
  • Gift Card: After making a purchase, users will receive a gift card as a reward for their purchase.
  • Product Details: The products will have all the information for the users so that they can easily understand the quality of the product. The details related to the product are helpful for the user as they can easily choose from the options available to them.

Technologies and Tools