Spend less time getting lost and more time growing your business.


Simplify the journey of your business with ZonSteps. It is the step-by-step guide system to set up, launch, and grow your profitable FBA business. ZonSteps is designed to give you a real-time image of your Amazon business to optimize it and progress you toward a successful journey.

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    5 Members
    Developer | Designer | BA | QA
  • imageDuration :
    2 Year

Who is the client?

The client is based out of Australia. ZonSteps is a website based on businesses that can add their Amazon products via ZonSteps. You can even try the ZonSteps for free. It shows the checklist of all the categories where users can add all the items easily by following the proper steps.

Purpose of the Client

Amazon sellers get fast results with ZonSteps. The client came across Vidhema Technologies having an idea for ZonSteps. They had the idea that users can add items for their business to get listed on Amazon easily and drive enough traffic to their Amazon business listing.

The client wanted our team of developers to develop a website from scratch where we have to integrate all the required features and functionalities. There were many challenges we had to face while developing the website. The client had the whole idea of the website with all the features.


The main challenge faced by the client was to have a website that can be easily navigated by users. After having all the ideas in mind, they came up with the project for Vidhema Technologies. There was a discussion related to the website outlook and features. There were several ideas that our team and client mutually discussed to implement on the website. The features that were implemented in the website are set to be done with every phase and proper process.



Our team of engineers developed the interface of the website quite engaging. We had a mutual discussion related to the several functionalities and features of the website. The client had documentation of the front end and back end of the website.

At the time, our team prepared the structure of the website. The solutions provided by us were to gain the maximum number of users on the website.

The main focus that we had was on the automation and admin panel of the page. The automation and admin panel for the project was unique while keeping in mind the audience and their businesses. There are various categories available for all the businesses that can be added to the listing. The users can take the subscription to add their business to the Amazon listing.


When we launched the deployed website, it did amazingly well in order to engage audiences. People navigated the website easily while adding their businesses to Amazon’s listing. This was in all a great success for the ZonSteps website.


The UI/UX of the website was designed by including all the functionalities and features of the website.


The engagement to the website was pretty good and users will be able to add their businesses accordingly.


The checklist on the website showed step-by-step features that will be less time-consuming for the users.


The checklist for the users was designed in such a way that they can single-handedly add their business items without any hassle or complications.


There is a drag and drop implemented in the checklist feature by which users can effortlessly enter their products by just dragging and dropping them.

Technologies and Tools

Website Features

  • Navigation of the website was quite easy and hassle-free and kept with the step-by-step guide system. The users will get all the steps as they will apply to add the list of the products that they would like to add. The features and functionalities in the ZonSteps website were added to make businesses of every spectrum grow among the competitors.


    Step-by-step guide system


    Various categories available for every business industry


    Easy navigation


    Good UI/UX


    There is a subscription for different phases of adding the businesses