Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that enables individuals and organizations to visualize and analyze data for better decision-making.

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Core Components

  • Ecommerce Application Development
  • Power BI Desktop

    A free desktop application for creating interactive reports and data models.

    Power BI Service

    A cloud-based service for sharing, collaborating, and accessing reports and dashboards.

  • Power BI Mobile

    Mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices to view reports and dashboards on the go.

  • Online Services

    Integrate data from online services such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, and others. Custom Connectors.

Power BI Premium

  • HTML

    Dedicated Capacity

  • CSS

    Paginated Reports

  • Javascript


Visualization and Reporting

  • HTML


  • CSS

    Custom Visuals

  • Javascript

    Interactive Reports

  • React

    Themes and Formatting

Advanced Analytics and key functionalities

  • DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

    Use DAX functions to perform complex calculations and create custom measures.

  • R and Python Integration

    Integrate R and Python scripts for advanced data analysis and machine learning.

  • AI Insights

    Leverage AI-powered features such as AutoML, text and image analytics, and key influencers analysis.

  • Power Apps Integration

    Embed Power Apps into Power BI reports to provide interactive application experiences.

  • Power Automate Integration

    Use Power Automate to automate workflows and actions based on Power BI data.

  • Data Encryption

    Encrypt data both at rest and in transit for data protection.

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