5 Key Ideas To Consider While Hiring React Developers For Your Project

React JS / February, 23 2022


React JS is one of the widely used web frameworks used by software developers to develop robust and enterprise-grade applications. The important reason behind its demand is the simplification of web development solutions. 

As React became the popular framework it has overtaken other frameworks significantly and the demand for React developers has evolved since then. A React developer must be adept with the React toolkit, JavaScript features, React workflows, stylesheets, and CSS preprocessors to fulfill its responsibility.  

Overview of React JS Development

React JS is acclaimed for granting developers to build interfaces via flexible, efficient, and declarative JavaScript libraries. Also, with the help of React JS, developers can compose small components or pieces of code and complex UIs to deliver real mobile UI components.

Be it iOS or Android, React Native is profoundly used for mobile app development. React Native uses an amalgam of JavaScript and XML-Esque markup (JSX) for creating applications and their UI.

React Native contributes extensive cross-platform development by using host platform standards through API. It can also convert the markup to real-native UI elements granting you to render views on whatever platform you are working on. React boosts the high performance of working independently on the major UI thread.

The platforms and developers who are well-versed with React always stay in demand, since, React improves the development experiences while offering cross-platform application development possibilities.

Now, as discussed we know the reasons behind React’s popularity, without any further ado let’s move on to some of the main responsibilities that a React developer must comprise.

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Responsibilities of React Developers

  • Develop expressive, enticing, concise, and modern UI code.
  • Create an interactive and fascinating user interface.
  • Establish and optimize reusable JavaScript, HTML, and CSS components.
  • Manage applications’ functional and state libraries to acquire computed data and asynchronous API calls. 
  • Auditing code constantly while the QA process undergoes, like end-to-end quality testing and integration testing. 

Essential tips that require hiring professional React developers

In the below points, we shall draw light on the information to hire react developers who are best suited for your upcoming projects.

1. Perfection in Adjacent Technologies:

As an IT consulting firm, it should employ an all-rounder with proficiency in React's development process. It means that the developer must have relevant experience and knowledge of various technologies that are appropriate to React. Backend Frameworks and Languages such as Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel are some of the frameworks that are quite consistent with React.

Other than the above mentioned technologies, having a piece of knowledge about MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS) Stack can be more convenient in getting hands on. MERN is the most compatible backend technology, approved to build robust JavaScript applications. 

Express and Node JS frameworks are excellent combos that work best with React for maintaining various requests and managing server loads.

2. Rudimentary Knowledge Of Testing Tools and Frameworks:

When there is a successful deployment it rests on successful quality testing. Therefore, this skill is also required for React developers to make sure that the built application has full scalability. However, there are various tools that a developer can use to perform quality assurance, such as end-to-end testing and integration testing on React code. 

Tools such as Webdriver, Selenium, Cypress, and many others can be used for end-to-end testing. And tools like Sinon, Enzyme, Tape, Jest, including many others can be used for Unit Testing and the Karma tool is for integration testing. Having a knowledge of these tools and how they work prevents developers from making serious problems and help them write clean and better code while fixing bugs in bare minimum time.

3. Efficiency in JavaScript and ECMA Script:

The React developer must have an extensive understanding of syntax, JavaScript, and operations. The developer that you are about to hire must have a grasp of JS scopes, hoisting, event bubbling, prototypal inheritance, DOM manipulation, and functions. 

The developer not only does have the knowledge of JavaScript but also has a strong base of ECMAScript. Here, ECMA stands for European Computer Manufacturer’s Association, and the code it follows is:

< script type="text/ ecmascript" >

ECMA Script is a standard programming language for operating computations in Web applications. Also, it is an official client-side scripting language used for VoiceXML and easy data manipulation. Developers can write single-line code while streamlining JS code with the help of ECMA.

4. Comprehensive Understanding of React Fundamentals and Styling Strategies:

No matter what position you are hiring, be it junior, mid-level, or senior level, one must possess an elementary knowledge of React concepts. React contributes huge aspects of default tools with reusable components, including Create React App that works as a stage for enterprise application development.

The candidate you want to hire must be skillful with the styling through the code. With the help of external styling libraries and CSS strategies, a developer can effortlessly design responsive, rich, and interactive UIs. Material UI and SASS components are a few popular styling components that help you create even the most complex styling UI elements.

5. Developer’s Experience:

The React Native community is equipped with robust and intelligent debugging tools and meaningful error messages. Also, reporting into the framework makes enterprise software development easy for an intermediate level React developer. 

React native saves a lot of time and energy, and allows developers to focus on important parts of work. It helps in improving the overall productivity and gives a positive impact on the product release cycle.


React can decrease the resources and also reduce a lot of costs that are needed for Custom React Js Mobile Development. The React team can swiftly share knowledge, iterate, and resources more efficiently.

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